RLG Dota 2 Championship 2016 - powered by Gigabyte along with RLG Gaming PCs, Dell and Prolink, one of the highest profile Dota 2 events in the Sri Lankan eSports calendar featuring a price pool of over Rs 300,000/= which is the largest for a single title in Sri Lanka to date.

Organized by Redline Technologies - the go-to place for enthusiast and gaming hardware - alongside, the RLG Dota 2 Championship is a Ranked event featuring the best talent in the country.

The tournament will happen in 3 stages. The 4 best teams in the country will be invited to the group stage, with the rest of the teams battling it out in a double elimination qualifying round to secure the remaining 4 spots in the group stage. The top teams to emerge out of the group stage will face off at a LAN event at Crescat Boulevard lobby on the 3rd April.